3 August

New publication from Jao Tsung-i Petite Ecole, The University of Hong Kong

Jao Tsung-i Petite Ecole, The University of Hong Kong
Jao Tsung-I Lecture in Chinese Culture No. 5
Intrinsic Analysis and Scenario Investigation on the Ci-poem “Chao Zhong Cuo” of Ouyang Xiu
Professor Wang Zhaopeng, Distinguished Professor at the Wuhan University

Inspired by the use of modern criminology and satellite mapping in the study of classic literature, the speaker will give an alternative way looking into Ouyang Xiu’s Ci-poem “Chao Zhong Cuo: farewell Prefect Liu Yuanfu for his appointment in Weiyang”: who was the “Wenzhang Taishou” (“Prefect the Literary”), Ouyang or his friend? Why did Ouyang encouraged the prefect to carpe diem instead of staying to his duty? The speaker will bring you back to Bianjing in 1056 where the Ci-poem was written and help you comprehend the friendship between Ouyang and Liu Yuanfu, as well as Ouyang’s physical and psychological condition and his life attitude. And the speaker will then take you to Pingshan Hall built by Ouyang Xiu in Yangzhou, the place mentioned in Ci-poem, to understand the building and its relation with the Ci-poem.