29 December

饒學聯匯成立  促進漢學推廣

14 December


10 December


5 December

[Jao Link] New book

4 December


3 December


3 December

Jao Link Inauguration

3 December

Members of Jao Link

25 November


8 November


8 November


30 October

Documentary of Professor Jao Tsung-i's path of excellency, Episode 1 to 10

26 October

Glamour of the Jao's Lotus - Exhibition of the 100th Anniversary by Professor Jao Tsung-i

19 October

國務院參事 王國華口述

11 October

影像之間 看饒宗頤百歲藝術人生

8 October

Second Series of “Scholarship and Culture” - Exhibition of Manuscripts, Calligraphy & Paintings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Writers

7 October


5 October

Opulence of the Jao’s Lotus – The Formation and Development of Jao’s Lotus (II)

23 September


6 September


20 August

《饒宗頤:萬古不磨意 中流自在心》饒公印象

20 August


18 August


17 August

An journal article written by Mr. Man Cheuk Fei

13 August

The painting exhibition of Professor Jao Tsung-i's Guangdong Scenery

12 August

Professor Jao Tsung-i invited to become the highest academic adviser of the Historical Cultural Center in Quanzhou.

8 August

Professor Jao Tsung-i's printing exhibition of Guangdong in DongGuan Culture Center

3 August

New publication from Jao Tsung-i Petite Ecole, The University of Hong Kong

1 August

Professor Jao Tsung-i's Exhibition at LaiShaoQi museum, Hefei

29 July

J.P. Morgan’s 2016 Recommended Reading List

25 July


19 July


16 July


15 July

Glamour of the Jao's Lotus - Touring Exhibition of Lotus-theme Artworks by Professor Jao Tsung-i

12 July

Professor Jao Tsung-i wrote the name of Xinhua College of Sun Yet-sen University as a gift for the college. 

7 July


6 July


29 June

Professor Jao Tsung-i and Jao Fan Club visited Po Lin Monastery and Wisdom Path at Lantau Island

18 June

The Residue of Dreams: Selected Poems of Jao Tsung-i 

16 June

蓮蓮吉慶 ─ 饒宗頤教授荷花書畫巡迴展 暨 璇璣銘意室所藏選堂書畫展

15 June

Glamour of the Jao's Lotus - Touring Exhibition of Lotus-theme Artworks by Professor Jao Tsung-i

10 June

Book Launch on Jao Studies (BUHK)

8 June

Documentary of Professor Jao Tsung-i's path of excellency

3 June


1 June

New Publication Announcement【Professor Jao Tsung-I Lecture Notes Series Vol. 1】

27 May

《MRRM》 專訪

10 May


23 April

端石聚珍 – 選堂銘繪陳偉剛鎸刻端硯展

22 April

Daoist Studies by Prof. Jao Tsung-i

20 April


14 April


6 April


6 April

5th Jao Tsung-I Lecture in Chinese Culture ─ Scene Investigation and Intrinsic Analysis on the Ci-poem “Chao Zhong Cuo” of Ouyang Xiu

6 April

On Professor Jao Tsung-i's Contributions to the Paradigm Shift in Sinology

21 March


11 March

Reminiscence of Hong Kong by the Brush: A Celebration of the 100th Birthday of Professor Jao Tsung-i” (Selected Artworks II)

21 February